A Waste Basket That Needs To Be Cleaned Up

Our Team

We fully understand that our name is only as good as our professional cleaning staff, so we are very particular when it comes to our team. Each one of our staff members has been thoroughly trained. Each prospective team member spends 2-3 months working with the owners of the company. This allows for a variety of cleaning situations, exposure to different businesses, a proper introduction to our specific cleaning methods, and hands on training with different cleaning products. At the end of this initial training period, all prospective team members must then clean with our field supervisor. This is the final step before our staff members receive their own client list.

Our clients see the same staff member(s) each time they have their businesses cleaned. We believe that this benefits everyone involved, no one wants to open their door and see a new face each time. Again, we are interested in developing long term cleaning relationships, we work only with employees who display integrity and genuinely care about your business.
Our staff members are bonded and insured. In addition, they have gone through an extensive background check that is handled by a seasoned private investigator.

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